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    The Next Generation of Hair Dryers Inspired by Natural Light

    The Next Generation of Hair Dryers Inspired by Natural Light
    Zuvi introduces the next generation of hair dryers with patented LightCare technology inspired by natural light, called Zuvi Halo. Showcased this month at CES, Zuvi Halo is a first of its kind hair dryer that uses light energy to dry at top speeds while maintaining lower hair and scalp temperatures for healthier, smoother, shinier hair. All while reducing energy usage by 60% for a better environment. Zuvi Halo has been tested by internal Zuvi Hair Lab/3rd party testing and certification lab run by SGS to be better for your hair across key metrics. 

    The Benefits of Zuvi Halo 

    • Retains 109% more internal hair moisture than traditional hair dryers

    • Holds dye 57% longer

    • Results in 17% smoother hair

    • Leads to hair being 9% stronger

    • Enhances shine 37% after use

    Zuvi is introducing new working principles to reinvent traditional devices. With Zuvi Halo, Zuvi has replaced traditional heat coils in favor of using processes that are most common in nature - natural light and wind. This nature-inspired technology is naturally better for the environment, reducing user's daily carbon footprint by being 2.5x more energy efficient.

    Zuvi Halo's Debut at CES 

    Zuvi went through countless iterations of the dryer to get to the product they have today and have already received over 100 global patents. This includes intelligent systems to adjust the light and wind to fit the room temperature and 120 layers of titanium coating that filters out UV rays and makes the light rays eye-safe.

    Zuvi debuted at CES in  January 2021 at the Sands Convention Center in the Venetian (also known as Tech West). The brand won the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree award in all three categories submitted: Home Appliances, Health & Wellness and Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy. Zuvi has also received investment from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byer (KPCB).

    Take the Zuvi hair quiz to determine if the Zuvi Halo is a good fit for your hair type.