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    Sèche-cheveux Zuvi Halo - Cordon de 3,0 m

    • Technologie LightCare™ inspirée de la nature
    • Séchage rapide à une température plus fraîche et plus confortable
    • LightCaresèche directement l'eau sur la surface des cheveux, laissant le cortex interne + 109% plus hydraté
    • Amélioré les cheveux plus sains
      • 38% de cheveux plus brillants
      • 17% de cheveux plus lisses
      • 57% de rétention des couleurs
      • 9% de cheveux plus forts
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    • Technologie LightCare™ inspirée de la nature
    • Séchage rapide à une température plus fraîche et plus confortable
    • LightCaresèche directement l'eau sur la surface des cheveux, laissant le cortex interne + 109% plus hydraté
    • Amélioré les cheveux plus sains
      • 38% de cheveux plus brillants
      • 17% de cheveux plus lisses
      • 57% de rétention des couleurs
      • 9% de cheveux plus forts

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Josephine Leslie (United States)

    This is the best hair dryer I have ever used. I’m so taken with it that I bought one for my hair stylist! She loves it as do her other clients.

    Katy Harmon (United States)
    Want to love it ….

    I do love this blow dryer and my clients are always interested and I recommend it to them yet as a hairdresser I wish it was faster. It takes me a lot longer to finish my clients and I often feel like they still have a dampness in their hair. It has a lot of power to it and I also feel like it’s harder to control the hair, which creates snarls.
    With that said I love the concept and I do tell my clients it would be a good investment for them …. It’s just a harder tool for a hairdresser.

    Thank you Katy for your valuable feedback. We appreciate your recommendation to your clients! This product is ideally suitable for customers to use at home for their daily drying routine - it is not a professional hair dryer. While it might not be as fast as some salon professional high power hairdryers, it would make a great tool for clients who have sensitive scalps, damaged hair, thin hair or clients looking for natural shiny hair after blowdrying. I hope this is helpful!

    The Zuvi Halo uses light energy and lower temperature wind to dry hair, while preserving the internal moisture and keeping the hair in a healthy state. The internal moisture will make the hair cooler and softer, which might be the dampness you felt. It uses only about 40% of power compared to a traditional blowdryer.

    Can Zuvi Halo dry my hair fast?

    Yes, Zuvi Halo can dry your hair at comparable speeds as other premium traditional hair dryer, and faster than the average hair dryer on the market.

    How does the drying experience with Zuvi Halo compare to a traditional hair dryer?

    Drying your hair with Zuvi Halo is incomparably convenient and comfortable as it keeps your hair and scalp at lower temperatures than a traditional hair dryer (44°C/111°F vs 60°C/140°F). This means your mornings aren't sticky and sweaty, and your hair is not dried to the core.

    How many modes does Zuvi Halo have?

    Zuvi Halo has 5 modes, 4 of which you can see clearly on the backside of the product (CARE, FAST, SOFT, STYLE), and an extra mode, COOL. The first four modes can be easily toggled by pressing on the Mode button, while the COOL Mode is activated by pressing and holding down the Mode button.

    What is the difference between CARE mode and FAST mode?

    CARE and FAST Modes optimise your routine for either hair health or speed by taking into account the surrounding air temperatures and adjusting the heat and wind levels. CARE Mode will decrease power throughout your session to keep your hair and scalp at a lower, more comforting and healthy temperature.

    Does Zuvi Halo come with styling accessories?

    Yes, your purchase of a Zuvi Halo includes three styling accessories – a Diffuser, Styling Concentrator and a Gentle Air Attachment. We recommend using the hair dryer without an attachment for regular drying.

    I have curly/wavy hairs, is Zuvi Halo suitable for me?

    Yes, Zuvi Halo will work well for your hair type. The Diffuser attachment and FAST Mode will help to lock in your curls and waves.

    My scalp is very sensitive to heat/strong wind, is Zuvi Halo suitable for me?

    Yes, Zuvi Halo will better treat your scalp when drying your hair as it doesn't push your scalp to the high temperatures like a traditional hair dryer. We recommend using the SOFT Mode first and if you would like to further tamp down on the fan and light, add on the Gentle Air Attachment.

    I am very sensitive to heat damage from my current hair dryer, how does Zuvi Halo compare?

    Zuvi Halo will keep your hair and scalp at significantly lower temperatures than a traditional hair dryer. At 44°C or 111°F with Zuvi Halo vs over 60°C or 140°F with a traditional premium hair dryer.

    How do the styling accessories stay connected to the hair dryer during use?

    The styling accessories clip on magnetically to the head of the hair dryer. Simply get the back side towards the head and it'll plop in place and stay connected.

    Which modes should I use for each styling accessory?

    Diffuser or Gentle Air Attachment – FAST ModeStyling Concentrator – STYLE Mode only, as it will slow down drying speeds if used when not straightening or shaping your hair.

    How does Zuvi Halo's Diffuser attachment differ from ones I've used before?

    Zuvi Halo's diffuser attachment has a unique design to pass through light while simultaneously slowing the wind speed. Through this combination of heat via light and slowed wind, Zuvi Halo together with the diffuser attachment can better preserve and/or recover your curls and waves.

    What's the warranty policy?

    We provide two-year warranty, and lifetime customer support.

    How does light dry my hair and what's the difference?

    A traditional hair dryer uses extremely hot air to overdry and fry your hair. Instead, Zuvi Halo concentrates light into heat to just dry the outside of your hair while leaving the inside hydrated and healthy.

    Is the light system safe for my skin and eyes?

    Yes, it's safe! Zuvi Halo has passed several safety certifications such as CCC, CE, GS and ETL.

    What type of light is used?

    LightCare™ primarily uses infrared light.

    What is the cover glass in the front for?

    The front cover is made up of titanium-covered glass that filters light, making sure all the light generated by the internal system is optimised for hair health and drying speeds.

    Why is the light aurora green color?

    The light that you can see is actually not what generates the heat that dries your hair. Instead we added a color to signify that the product is on. The intensity of this light does denote the strength of the heat, and you will notice it fluctuates slightly when switching between modes.

    Is Zuvi's LightCare™ Technology safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

    Yes, our LightCare™ Technology is safe for women who are pregnant or are currently breastfeeding.

    How long do the light bulbs last?

    We have done a set of tests and quality control measures to understand the lifetime of all internal mechanisms. For the light system specifically, when under heavy use (30 mins every single day), they will last for longer than 5.5 years. A single user would likely use Zuvi Halo significantly less than this, leading them to last several times longer.

    Is the product and cover glass fragile? How does it handle being dropped?

    Zuvi Halo has passed several certified drop tests and its materials are more rugged than they might initially appear to be. The glass is coated with titanium and silicon oxide to improve durability, and is housed amid several dampeners to reduce the impact of a drop.

    What if the cover glass gets dirty? How can I clean it?

    If any substance gets on the glass of the product, be sure to wipe it off with a damp cloth before using the Zuvi Halo. Be sure to NOT use any cleaning chemicals as they may inadvertently damage the glass or other components.

    How long will it take to dry my hair?

    In general, we find that Zuvi Halo dries at a comparable or faster rate than traditional hair dryers. Drying times will vary by different hair volume, hair length, hair thickiness, how dry your hair is to start and your surrounding environment.

    What material is the handle made from?

    The handle is made from supple synthetic leather, making it easy and comfortable to grip while being humanely sourced.

    What if the leather material on the handle gets dirty ? Can I clean it?

    The synthetic leather handle is coated in an oleophobic (oil resistant) coating. A few wipes with a damp cloth will take off any substance in a short amount of time. Be sure to not use any cleaning chemicals to clean the handle as this may remove the coating or damage the material.

    How often do the air inlet filters need to be wiped clean?

    Roughly speaking, the air inlet needs to be cleaned once every three months. The hair dryer will notify you when the inlet needs to be cleaned by flashing all four mode buttons simultaneously.

    How should I store the product when travelling to make sure it doesn't break?

    In the near future we will release a Zuvi Halo Travel Bag to more easily store and travel with your Halo with reinforced sections to protect the product's head and easy cable storage. For traveling before the bag is available, we recommend lightly wrapping the head of the hair dryer in a cloth materials or shirt.

    What does it mean when all 4 Mode indicator LEDs are flashing rapidly?

    In most situations where all 4 mode indicator LEDs are flashing rapidly, it means that you need to clean the inlet filter. You can find information on the included Quick Start Guide for information and best practices when cleaning the inlet filter. If, after cleaning the unit, the warning persists, please contact Zuvi Aftersales Service.

    What should I do if the cover glass is fractured?

    Please stop using the appliance and contact Zuvi Aftersales Service.

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & more. All payments are processed securely by Stripe, a leading global payment processor.

    What is the return policy?

    Return policies vary slightly depending on your local regulations. In general, Zuvi Halo can be returned between 14–30 days. Send an email to to begin the return process.

    What is the warranty policy?

    We provide two-year warranty, and lifetime customer support.

    When do I get my money back if I return the product?

    A refund will be provided within 5-10 working days after the returned product has been received by Zuvi Aftersales Support and verified that no undue damage has occured.

    What should I do if I have any questions about using the product?

    Feel free to contact in case you have any questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

    I changed my mind and want to cancel/adjust my order.

    Please send an email to as soon as possible. We will be happy to assists. In case your order has already been shipped, you can apply for a return through as well.

    Can I have the order delivered to a nearby pick up point?

    Orders are processed and delivered through FedEx, and currently they cannot deliver to a pick-up point. However, you might be able to adjust the location by contacting FedEx support directly.

    How can I track my order?

    After your order is confirmed, we will send you an email with FedEx shipment and tracking information.

    What is the expected delivery time?

    For orders to the US and Europe, you can expect the product to arrive 5-10 working days after your order.

    I did not receive an email confirmation, did my order go through?

    Please first check your spam inbox, and if there is still no order confirmation, go to the account section on (person icon on the top right) and see if there is a record of your order there. If you still cannot find the order information, please send an email to for assistance. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Sèche-cheveux Zuvi Halo - Cordon de 3,0 m