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    Less energy used


    Reduction of CO₂

    4M Tons

    Oil saved

    Did you know that a traditional hair dryer consumes more power than your microwave oven? It's true, but with Zuvi Halo's patented Lightcare™ technology, you can dry your hair in a more energy-efficient way.

    With our patented LightCare™ technologies, Zuvi Halo only uses 680W⁽¹⁾, 60% less than traditional dryers, but dries as fast or faster than other premium dryers.

    Try Zuvi, reduce your carbon footprint. Using the Zuvi Halo every other day for 10 minutes for one year has roughly the same impact as planting a tree. You’ll be saving 34 lbs of Coal of 67lbs(2) (30390 g) of CO2.
    Imagine removing 10 million cars from the road and saving 4 million tons of oil (3)(4). If everyone used a Zuvi Halo, this would be the savings achieved.