5 Reasons Behind Hair Damage and Sensitive Scalp

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5 Reasons Behind Hair Damage and Sensitive Scalp

By Matt W

July 27, 2022
No matter if it's for men or women, smooth and shiny hair is important to enhance everyone's charm, which is never only reflected in appearance and figure. However, hair damage and a sensitive scalp have almost become a common problem for modern people, meaning hair is frizzy, dry, lusterless and easy to break. In this article, Zuvi will introduce you to the factors causing hair damage and provide you with solutions for hair care.

Reasons Behind Hair Damage?

Cause 1: Chemical Dyes
Chemical dyes are almost the most direct cause of hair damage. The damage of these chemical products to the hair can be considered devastating. The hair, after dyeing, will almost inevitably suffer from problems such as dryness and irritability. If the hair is colored and permed for a long time, it may also induce the risk of allergy.
This kind of damage is mainly due to the damage of protein fiber tissue in the hair cortex, which makes the hair stiff, brittle, and dry.
Cause 2 : Environmental Factor
Environmental pollution is also one of the factors that damage the hair quality. Ultraviolet rays, dust and harmful particles in the air, compounds in rain, etc. are examples of this. They are easily adsorbed onto the hair and scalp, resulting in hair damage and dullness, damaging the scalp, abnormal oil secretion, itching, acne, etc.
Wearing hats and tying hair can only reduce the contact between hair and the outside world. Daily use of hair care oil and a proper hair dryer can stimulate and form a protective layer on the hair surface, to isolate from the damage of environmentally harmful substances to hair.
Cause 3 : Micro-organism
The infection of the scalp by bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms will cause a variety of hair diseases. The damage to the scalp and hair follicles will directly affect the health of the hair, making the hair dry and easy to break.
Using antiseptic shampoo can reduce the damage of microorganisms to the scalp and hair quality. Especially after getting wet, dry the hair in time to avoid the propagation of microorganisms on the scalp.
Cause 4 : Physical Damage
Physical damage is very common in life. Bad habits that do harm to hair quality, such as combing with a plastic comb, drying hair with overheated wind, frequent styling, etc.
Cause 5 : Unhealthy Lifestyle
An unhealthy lifestyle has also become one of the main causes of hair damage. For example, staying up late for a long time, watching computer screens or mobile phones for a long time, long-term anxiety, irregular and unhealthy diet, and so on, will seriously damage your body, and health, resulting in hair loss and alopecia.
Given the above factors, if your hair has been unhealthy, what can we do to improve it?

Tips For Propfer Hair Care

In the first place, we believe that we should consciously develop the concept of healthy hair care, pay more attention to details of life, and reduce physical injuries such as hair pulling and hot wind. In addition, since the main cause is coloring and perming on a frequent basis, a good way to repair your hair is to choose proper shampoos and hair conditioners for hair after coloring. The key point is to protect the scalp, nourish hair roots, and remove dirt and grease attached to the scalp. On the other hand, using a hair conditioner frequently is another important factor for hair care, it can make hair smoother. Both of them can play a very good role in cleaning and protection of hair. After cleaning the hair, we come to a very important step in the hair care process, which most people don't realize; that is, drying the hair correctly. This will help prevent moisture in the hair and reduce the loss of nutrients.

Two Hair Care Tips During the Hair Drying Process You May Want to Know

You want dry hair, not damaged hair. Similar to skin moisturizing, locking the moisture in the hair core is the key to hair health. Basically, you want dry hair outside, while maintaining the inside moisture. This is why the Zuvi's Lightcare™ technology was made for. By concentrating light energy to dry the surface of the hair with cool wind and avoid over-dry of internal moisture of the hair, therefore improving hair health from the root. On the contrary, the extremely hot air, which traditional hair dryers usually do bakes your hair. However, users do not feel this difference while using it. In Zuvi Hair Lab, which is one of the world's most advanced and fully automated Hair Labs in recent years, we found that Zuvi Halo maintains 109% more moisture inside the hair core compared to traditional hair dryers. When your hair has enough moisture and nutrition, it will naturally become shinier. According to our test, after using Zuvi Halo for hair care, hair usually will be 38% shinier on average. The reason behind this is that a healthier hair surface reflects more light than overdried hair. Zuvi has always been committed to running the "HAIR CARE" concept through our product development. On our official website, you can learn more about our experimental results in the "Rigueur - Zuvi Hair Lab" section. We believe our research and technology can help you get more healthy hair.




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